Charts, GPS and Plotters

Our initial setup was paper charts with a Yeoman Plotter and a Garmin 128 GPS with external antenna. This really worked well, the Yeoman plotter was easy to use. Just clip a chart onto the plotter surface (like a very large mouse mat) align the chart on the mat and off you go. Move the Yeoman ‘mouse’ anywhere on the chart and it will give you a bearing and a range to that point, it will also give you a time to go to that point which I have found very useful.  In these days of chart plotters and PC navigation it may seem out of date but any novice or visitor on board can be shown how to plot a position on the chart in minutes. The mouse has four red lights within its plotting bezel and you move the mouse around until they go out and thats where you are on the world.  Easy.

The only thing is that charts are expensive and take up a lot of room but there we are you need them and thats that. Our GPS is the Garmin 128 and we have never had any problems with it for the last seven years.